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Scheduling appointments

Prior to scheduling any treatment or service, it is required to complete a consultation. A consultation can be completed in person or online. 

During your consultation, you will discuss your past medical history, concerns and treatments that you are interested in. You will be provided recommendations based on this information and will be able to schedule your appointment if deemed appropriate at that time.

Virtual consultations will require texting or emailing of headshot photos. 

Call 215-964-3035 to schedule a consultations.  


In order to schedule an appointment either a deposit or credit card on file is required. Any appointment cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the appointment will be subjected to cancellation fees.

COVID-19 and other Consent Forms

Each client will be required to complete consent forms prior to entering the facility and prior to initiation of treatment. The consent forms will be emailed after the appointment has been scheduled and request online signatures. Please complete all consent prior to arriving for your appointment.

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